Sailing Grace by John Otterbacher

After eight visits to surgery in eight months, "heart transplant" is working its way into conversations with John's doctors. John & Barbara are talking about going sailing instead.

Sailing Grace, narrated with present-tense immediacy, is John's account of drowning in heart disease, fighting back and sailing on. It begins with him gasping for air in a local health club, and ends thirty-one months & four thousand miles later when he, his wife Barbara and their two youngest children maneuver their sailboat Grace into Schull Harbor, Ireland.

A gritty account of a family's struggle to do better than simply survive, Sailing Grace is a commentary on how love heals, dreams energize and trauma can be a wake-up call. From hospital ward to the stormy Atlantic, this hard-edge story will resonate with anyone who has confronted profound adversity, be it coronary disease, cancer, or the heavy weather that unexpectedly blows through every life.

A longtime contributor to Sailing, Cruising World, and Yachting Monthly (in the U.K.), John Otterbacher wrote Sailing Grace at his editor's insistence. John currently lives and writes in Michigan.

Soft-cover edition. Signed by the author.

Price: $12.00 

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